Exclusive and interactive thought leadership webinars

FT will shortly be hosting live online panel debates, moderated by one of our senior journalists. Lasting up to a maximum of 45 minutes, each webinar will be focussed on a topical theme pertinent to FT's audience.

Our Financial Times Live platform enables seamless viewing of high-level debate as well as viewers actively participating in the discussion using an instant, secure comments feed open to all pre-registered participants meeting the audience criteria. Online viewers can also post questions directly to the panel during an allotted Q&A session.

As an exclusive sponsor of FT webinars you will benefit from the enormous credibility gained in co-convening debate with the FT while engaging with a captive, senior-level online audience. In addition you will have prominent branding both on the panel back-drop and on the website around the player, plus options for pre-roll.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Daniel A. Thomas
+44 (0) 20 7873 3643