How can I get involved?

We encourage all delegates at Financial Times Live events to join other enthusiasts and share stories, views and opinions.  We have seen the insights, anecdotes and stories told at these events spread to millions of people within hours of being circulated by a few in the room.  So when you comment on, or question a particular issue, we'll do our best to follow the dialogue and share your commentary with our community.

When the keynote session is due you can view a live video feed of the actual session in progress. There are a few ways to interact:

1) Ask a Question?

Under the video screen is an area for you to insert a question. Please also enter your name and email address as if your question is not answered directly we will endeavour to get a response to you after the event.


2) Twitter

To follow the event and participate in Twitter Q&As:

@FTLiveTweets  twitter.com/ftlivetweets

Hashtags: #ftbizlux12 #FTLive

3) Facebook

Financial Times Live  www.facebook.com/FTlive#!/FTConferences

4) Storify

After the event, we will share the best of the vent using Storify.  storify.com/ftlivetweets

Trouble Viewing?

There are a number of issues that can prevent a user from watching the video. Below are the main elements that need to be considered to get yourself up and running?
1. Player Software
2. Internet Access Speed
3. Firewall / Network Access

Player Software

Videos are streamed through Adobe Flash player . If you're having trouble playing and viewing videos on FT Live we suggest that you install the latest version of the Flash player: this will allow you to play the videos easily.
Here's how to upgrade to the most recent version of Adobe's Flash Player:
1. Before installing the most recent version of Adobe Flash player, you will first need to uninstall any older versions of the Flash player that you've installed in the past and have running on your computer at the moment.

Please completely uninstall the version of Flash that you're currently running before upgrading to the most recent version. To uninstall Flash, follow Adobe's instructions, listed here. You'll need to download Adobe's official Uninstaller to remove Flash.

2. Once you've uninstalled the older version of Flash, you'll be ready to upgrade to the most recent version of Flash.
To upgrade to the most recent version of the Flash player, please follow these steps:
       a) Follow Adobe's instructions for reinstalling the most recent version of Flash.
       b) Once you've downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash, please exit your browser.
       c) Finally, click to install the update that you just downloaded to your computer from the Adobe Flash site.
       d) Once you've done so, open your browser again and go to YouTube. You should now be able to watch videos successfully!

If the instructions above don't resolve the issue, please also try the following:
       1. Temporarily disable pop-up blocking software installed on your computer, to test.
       2. Ensure that other applications such as QuickTime, iTunes, Real Player or Windows Media Player aren't set as the default streaming application, as this might affect the video player. 

For Windows Vista users:
If the Flash uninstall/reinstall does not work, this may be due to a Microsoft Windows Vista permissions issue.
Please use the Windows button at the bottom left, then the search function:
       1. Go to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\.
       2. Right-click the following file: FlashUtil9b.exe or FlashUtil9e.exe.
       3. Select "Run as Administrator" and install the update.
       4. Restart your computer.

Internet Access Speed

An active internet connection is required to access the platform. The optimum speed to access the webcast is 500kbps +. Under each video is a “Low Bandwidth Option”, this is optimised for users with a bandwidth of 300kbps, please select this option if you are experiencing video playback problems
To test your internet speed please click here www.speedtest.net. This will allow you to test your internet access speed and ascertain if it meets the requirements

Firewall / Network Access

Please allow *.ft-live.com as a trusted site in your Firewall software. No configuration changes are required for your firewall, as the live stream is delivered over Port 80. However for best viewing experiences please allow access to port 1935. This is known as RTMP.

Unresolved Issue?

If you do not receive your email verification within 10 minutes, please check your spam filter and if you have not received it, or if you are experiencing viewing problems please open a support ticket by emailing ftlive@dmflex.com